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Z Trolley

Whether you work from a home office, run a large government department, or something in between, office environments demand good-quality furniture. While office chairs, desks and furniture products are the backbone of every professional space, it’s the small things that really make a difference. At Elite Office Furniture, we offer a wide range of office accessories to meet your working needs. 

Office accessories help you to work smarter and faster. They can improve your productivity, increase your organisation and make your workday flow much easier. We stock a huge array of accessory products, including whiteboards in multiple shapes and sizes, filing frames and shelves, seat cushions, locker stands, and so much more. If you're looking for quality office accessories at great prices, we are here to help.

Complete office solutions

Our selection of office accessories includes a wide range of products, including chair accessories, desk accessories, filing accessories, seat cushions for pedestals, desktop shelving, shelving clips, locking mechanisms and bookcase drawers, to name a few.

Storage and filing

Storage is an important concern for every office environment. Whether you run a small family business or operate an emerging multinational company, good-quality storage helps you work efficiently and manage your documents. Examples of hardcopy documents include customer records, legal documents, compliance records, insurance documents and financial documents. Along with filing cabinets and systems, we supply a variety of filing accessories to make your life easier.

Office presentation and organisation

Note-taking and presentations play a central role in many modern businesses. From weekly productivity meetings to staff training events and product launches, it's important to present your ideas clearly and with conviction. Our office accessories include a number of whiteboards and presentation solutions, including single whiteboards, mobile whiteboards and whiteboard sets. We also stock Z trolleys for chairs and mobile tripod easels. At Elite Office Furniture, we offer complete presentation solutions for all office environments.

Office security

Office security is important for any business for many reasons, from legal protection and intellectual property considerations to customer privacy and operational compliance. In order to keep your products and documents safe and secure, it's often essential to prevent or limit access. Our accessory range includes manual and digital locks to help you secure filing cabinets and replace broken locks with ease.

Customer support and protection

At Elite Office Furniture, we offer a wide array of office accessories to meet your workplace needs. All of our products ship from local warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. We are a 100% Australian-owned and operated company, so you can rely on fast delivery and local customer support. We provide a free 3D modelling service, industry-leading Australian warranties, and a Rent to Own payment option with flexible 12, 24, or 36-month terms. If you're looking for office accessories at a great price point, please make an order or contact the team at Elite Office Furniture today.

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