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Screen Accessories

Screen Accessories

Modern offices require good organisation and space management. If you want your workers to create value each and every day, they need somewhere safe and comfortable to work in peace and quiet. At Elite Office Furniture, we help Australian businesses to thrive by providing them with good-quality office furniture. When they're installed alongside premium desks, chairs and workstations, office screens can be a great addition to any office environment.

Screen accessory options

We stock several office screens, including standalone partitions for use between desks, as well as desk partitions for use above desks. We supply a number of screen accessories to support these products, including desk brackets, screen hangers, screen shelves, free-standing feet, file holders, document trays and dividers, pen holders and joining poles. Some accessories are designed for particular types of partitions, including our Rapid Screen products.

If you want to create the ideal environment for your employees, office partitions may be a great solution. At Elite Office Furniture, we have the following two types of office partitions:

  • Desk screens — These partitions are designed to be installed above desks. They clip on to workstations and desks in order to increase vertical height and create privacy between workers.
  • Free-standing screens — These partitions are designed to stand on the ground between desks or work zones. They are available as mobile or permanent installations and are designed to segment entire office areas.

Benefits of office screens

Office partitions are a simple and affordable way to segment space and isolate separate working areas. The optimisation of office space can occur in many ways, both between individual workers and between employee groups. There are many great reasons to partition your office. When you split your office into discrete work zones, you can improve many aspects of office management.

If you want to organise your office and inspire hard work among your staff, partitions offer the following benefits:

  • Privacy and data integrity
  • Focus and productivity
  • Teamwork and collaboration

The Elite Office Furniture difference

At Elite Office Furniture, we support the furniture and storage needs of Australian businesses. We stock an extensive range of premium office solutions and make them available at a great price. We keep quality desks in stock at all times, including standing desks, straight desks, corner desks, and reception desks. We also specialise in office chairs, including executive chairs, meeting chairs, task chairs, hospitality chairs, and ergonomic office chairs.

Office optimisation is an important part of our business. Our representatives can configure your space with office screens and screen accessories. 

Elite Office Furniture is a 100% Australian-owned and operated company, which means fast shipping and local support. Everything ships from local warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. Along with great furniture, we also offer free 3D modelling, Australian warranty protections, and nationwide shipping. If you're looking for portable partitions or screen accessories, please make an order today.

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