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Versatile storage solutions can transform any office environment. Elite Office Furniture specialises in functional, high-quality storage furniture for demanding Australian businesses. Along with standard filing cabinets, drawers, and shelving solutions, we offer a number of advanced Compactus units for the ultimate in workplace efficiency. Compactus shelving is the perfect way to optimise your floor space and improve your productivity. We offer a number of mobile Compactus designs, from small 4 bay units to large 6 and 8 bay units in multiple configurations.

What is Compactus storage?

Compactus storage is a versatile form of mobile shelving often used in office buildings. Also known as mobile aisle shelving, roller racking, or rolling stack shelving, these units feature wheeled traction systems to enable easy accessibility and spatial efficiency. When access is not needed, individual aisles are pushed together to save space. When access to a particular row is required, aisles can be opened and documents can be easily retrieved.

This type of storage offers numerous benefits over other furniture options, including greater storage capacity, less floor space, and more efficient document management. When you eliminate the need to permanently open the aisle between each unit, you can dramatically reduce the space needed to store a large number of hard copy documents. 

We have a number of Compactus units available for purchase, with products differentiated from each other based on the number of shelving bays and width dimensions.

Compactus mobile shelving applications

Compactus mobile shelving units have a number of potential applications, and this technology is used by countless business types and industry sectors across Australia. Mobile aisle shelving is popular for research, academic, legal, and commercial applications, and is commonly used to store archival materials. Whenever there is a significant number of physical documents, books, or other items, Compactus shelving can be highly beneficial. While this storage option does not provide open access, it does enable the efficient management of archive material from a convenient central location.

Enjoy the Elite Office Furniture difference

At Elite Office Furniture, we are dedicated to all aspects of office storage. Whether you need a simple piece of furniture for a home office or a large Compactus solution for a research facility, our diverse range of stock is impossible to beat. We are a 100% Australian-owned and operated company, so you can rely on friendly local support and fast shipping wherever you are in the country. We keep most items in stock at all times, and ship from local warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth.

At Elite Office Furniture, we want to make your shopping experience as simple as possible. We provide a range of value-added extras to ensure your satisfaction, including a Rent to Own payment option with flexible 12, 24, or 36-month terms. We also offer a free 3D modelling service and provide industry-leading Australian warranty protections up to 10 years in duration. 

Most of our products are delivered flat-packed to help you save on shipping, but we do offer an assembly service when required. If you're looking for Compactus shelving units or any kind of office furniture, please make an order or reach out to our friendly team. 

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