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Pinboards & Corkboards

Whether you’re looking for a clean and tidy way to display notices in staff areas, or you are creating an office space that is geared towards creativity, our selection of pinboards offers numerous ways you can style your office space. The quality variance between what you can find in a store, versus the quality manufacturing of our pinboards in Australia, will make all the difference to the lifespan of your equipment. Buy pinboards in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth that are designed to be a lasting feature in your office.

Pinboards with purpose

Pinboards are a fantastic way to add layers to your office. In addition to their main purpose, you can also use pinboards to absorb ambient noise around your office and to act as dividers for different workstations. Offering a range of colours and styles to choose from as well as different models like our wall mountable velour, our collection of pinboards can create a fun and exciting display. Be it to sprucing up your marketing department or just for decoration, shop online for pinboards in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth today with Elite Office Furniture.

Keep your team in the loop with our pinboard notice cases

With models designed for both indoor and outdoor use, our notice cases provide the perfect platform for you to keep your team up to date on the happenings around the office. The lockable doors will keep your notices secure while the strong polycarbonate doors will protect them from the elements. Whether you choose a hinged door, a sliding style or a weather-resistant notice case, these luxurious pinboards will elevate the look and feel of your commercial premises with their stylish design. 

Find quality pinboards in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

Whether it’s a glass, porcelain or magnetic whiteboard or one of our pinboards you’re searching for, you’ll find all this and more in one convenient location. Partnering with offices all around Australia, Elite Office Furniture proudly supplies the finest office furniture and equipment so can be sure that the products you order are only the finest quality. Create the best possible customer experience when you buy one of our pinboards in Australia. 

From our friendly customer service team who are available to answer any of your questions to our fast and reliable delivery services which bring everything you need directly to your door, we strive to be a supplier that you enjoy working with.

Buy quality pinboards in Australia

Just like our stock of whiteboards, flipcharts and noticeboards, our selection of pinboards is the perfect addition for your office. We only use the most reputable manufacturers, so when you buy pinboards in Melbourne or elsewhere in the country you know you will be getting high-quality pinboards that are built to last. Don’t settle for a product that is less than the best, come to Elite Office Furniture for the best office equipment in Australia.