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  • Office Reception Area Design Guide & Ideas

    When it comes to creating the ideal office reception area, the bare minimum simply won’t do. A reception area design should provide a warm and inviting atmosphere with comfortable seating, beautiful decor and modern technology. The goal is to create...

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  • The Benefits & Ergonomics Of Standing Desks

    In the range of desks offered by Elite Office Furniture, you can find many stand up desks with ergonomic benefits. These desks are perfect for ensuring you’re not stuck sitting for hours on end and will help maintain proper blood...

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  • Ergonomics & Back Pain

    Ergonomics & Back Pain

    Ergonomic office chairs for bad backs are a blessing for people with existing back injuries or those who suffer from niggling back issues. Long hours spent seated can compress the disks in your back, exasperating any pre-existing conditions or causing...

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