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Running a modern business requires hard work, discipline, and creativity. At Elite Office Furniture, we are here to support your business with good-quality furniture solutions. From ergonomic chairs and standing tables to specialised reception furniture, we have something for every office task. Along with standard furniture and storage products, we stock several flipcharts, whiteboards and other presentation products. If you want to present your ideas with clarity and make your message count, our flipcharts are a great place to start.

Flipchart applications

Mobile and portable flipcharts have a number of uses, from group projects and training events to CEO and staff presentations. Flipcharts are ideal for brainstorming, mind mapping, drawing, and informal drafting purposes. With large writing surfaces and wheels for mobile operation, you can present your ideas to the team and move between spaces with ease. Whether you need a small whiteboard for an everyday list or a large surface for an important presentation, we're sure to have what you need.

We offer a variety of flipchart designs, including mobile flipcharts, flip chart pads, presentation flip charts, and double-sided flipcharts. Many of our flipchart products feature a magnetic surface, so you can clip on documents, add diagrams, and expand your content for maximum impact. For the very best in flipcharts and presentation furniture, Elite Office Furniture is here to help.

Office presentation solutions

Office presentations play a key role in many modern businesses. In order to be productive and create value, you need to communicate with your team. Flipcharts and other whiteboards are an efficient way to present your ideas quickly. From monthly productivity meetings to staff training events and group projects, good-quality outcomes depend on clear communication and effective collaboration.

Along with flipcharts, we offer many other office accessories dedicated to the art of presentation. Our products include single whiteboards, foldable whiteboards, mobile whiteboards, and whiteboard sets. We also have seating solutions for training events and meetings, from affordable plastic chairs to premium leather chairs. At Elite Office Furniture, we offer complete presentation solutions to meet the needs of your office space.

Local shipping and customer support

Whether you work from an inner-city office building, a suburban commercial centre, or a home office, having access to the right equipment is essential. Along with professional desks and tables, we offer storage items, reception furniture and presentation solutions for businesses across Australia. Our flipcharts and whiteboards are designed to support anyone who needs access to a large flat working surface.

We are a 100% Australian-owned and operated business, with our friendly team working from locations across Australia. We believe in honest advice, reliable service, and after-sales support that you can trust. Along with premium furniture and competitive prices, we provide several additional features to support your business needs. We offer free 3D modelling, commercial use warranties and fast nationwide shipping from local warehouses. 

If you're looking for flipcharts or other office furniture in Australia, please make an order or contact our friendly support team.
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