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Glass Whiteboards

Glass Whiteboards

Known for being incredibly easy to clean as well as tough and durable, our glass whiteboard collection is popular in a number of professional industries as a long-lasting piece of office equipment. Glass whiteboards are not porous, meaning they are not as easily stained as traditional whiteboards, nor do they absorb any bacteria or germs. These unique aspects are what makes them a favourite in the foodservice industry, among others. In addition to our glass options, we offer porcelain whiteboards, pinboards, flipcharts, and notice boards as part of our range of quality office equipment.

Where to buy a glass whiteboard in Sydney

Buying a glass whiteboard in Sydney has never been easier than at Elite Office Furniture. Simply browse our online collection and select the glass whiteboard that will work for you, make your purchase and receive your delivery. With our main warehouse located in Sydney and with a network of quality delivery partners, we are able to offer efficient delivery to all metro locations as well as regional deliveries. Receiving your new glass whiteboard is nothing other than a quick and simple process.

A range of choices for your glass whiteboard in Melbourne

Whether you’re searching for a standard glass whiteboard or one of our more specialised models, our online store includes various options for you. From standard designs to magnetic glass, to custom coloured whiteboards, our wide range of glass whiteboards in Melbourne means there is sure to be a quality product that will suit your office layout. We keep a stock of all our most popular items in our Melbourne warehouse so you can be sure to receive the item you want in the shortest possible time.

Buy a glass whiteboard in Brisbane

At Elite Office Furniture we are proud to offer a quality range of the finest office equipment in Australia. If you are looking to buy a glass whiteboard in Brisbane, you can be sure that our collection is supplied by the finest manufacturers in the country, and with our extended warranties, you know that your purchase will be backed by the best. Browse our online store today and choose from our selection of the best quality whiteboards available in Australia. 

Where to find the best glass whiteboards in Australia

Though we have distribution centres in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, Elite Office Supplies proudly provides fully insured delivery services all around Australia. Our flat rate shipping fees for metro and regional locations offer peace of mind when it comes to spending from your corporate budget, and our guaranteed quality means that you will be buying a product that is made to last. Browse our range of options and find the best glass whiteboard in Australia today.

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