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Monitor Arms

Monitor Arms

Productive office spaces demand smart and innovative furniture solutions. Having a good chair and desk is not enough; you need to ensure the safety and efficiency of your workers through the application of considered ergonomic design. 

At Elite Office Furniture, we specialise in ergonomic office solutions, from adjustable chairs and standing desks to monitor arms and accessories. Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference. Monitor arms help to improve the comfort, safety, and productivity of your workers throughout the day.

What are monitor arms used for?

Monitor arms are used to support computer monitors on walls, workstations, or cubicles. They offer numerous advantages — not just helping workers to save space on their desks but also looking great, improving productivity and enhancing workplace safety. 

People often strain their necks and backs when they work at a computer all day. Adjustable monitor arms are able to improve viewing angles and optimise worker safety. Many of our monitor arm products feature swivel features for extended viewing angles during client-based meetings and teamwork applications.

At Elite Office Furniture, we offer single monitor arm designs, dual monitor arm accessories, and quad monitor arm products to businesses across Australia.

What does ergonomic mean?

Ergonomic equipment helps people to align with and work more effectively in their environment. In contrast, standard furniture and technology items often strain the human body. Ergonomic designs provide an additional level of comfort and support. 

Ergonomic products implement smart design decisions to help reduce physical and mental stress. The 'ergonomic' tag is used on many products, from computer keyboards and input devices to office chairs and furniture items. Even simple things can improve office ergonomics, a monitor arm being the perfect example.

Office design and management

In order to create the perfect office space, you need to buy good-quality office furniture. From chairs and desks to storage and technology solutions, everything has an important role to play. Ergonomic furniture and accessories help to improve the comfort, productivity and safety of your workforce. While time spent behind a desk can be very productive, it can also lead to back problems, eye problems, and even mental health complications. Protect the overall health and well-being of your workers, by ensuring you have designed the best office environment that you can.

Local support and consumer protection

Elite Office Furniture is a 100% Australian-owned and operated company with a presence across Australia. We provide free 3D modelling, fast nationwide shipping, and same-day order processing to ensure your complete satisfaction. We offer robust consumer protections, and we have obtained certification from the Australian Furnishing Research and Development Institute (AFRDI). All of our products meet AFRDI standards for strength, stability, safety, flammability, durability and ergonomic assessment.

If you're looking for monitor arms or other smart office accessories, please make an order today or contact our friendly team to find out more.

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