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Portable Partitions

Portable Partitions

The success of every office space is dependent on good design. From how you set up your desks to the location of your printer and shared devices, everything has an important role to play. At Elite Office Furniture, we help modern businesses to thrive by supplying them with premium furniture solutions. Partitions play a central role in many offices, with permanent and portable screens helping to support privacy, productivity and collaboration.

We offer a range of portable office partitions at a great price point. These free-standing designs are great when you want to break up your space into productive working zones. Also known as a divider or screen, an office partition wall combines simple panels with legs or wheels for stand-up support. From single-panel designs to multi-panel units and extensions, portable partitions are a great way to create space and inspire hard work.

Benefits of portable partitions

At Elite Office Furniture, we help to inspire workplace productivity through good organisation. From chairs and tables to partitions and workstations, everything you install in your office helps to define the overall sense of space. Whether your office has five people or 500, portable office partitions offer a range of workplace benefits.

  • Office partitions can be used to create group collaboration zones. Portable screens are a great resource in this situation because you can put them up and take them down at will. If you have a particular project that requires teamwork, or if you want to isolate a section of your office, portable partitions are the solution.
  • Office partitions are also a great way to improve workplace privacy and operational focus. They will help you to minimise distractions in any environment, reducing the impact of fellow workers and office visitors. Depending on the products you buy and where they're installed, portable partitions may also provide acoustic noise control. Some office partitions also come with extra features, including whiteboards, pinboards, magnetic surfaces, and storage.

Australian-owned and operated

Elite Office Furniture is 100% Australian-owned and operated. We ship all products from local warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. You can rely on local support and protection at all times and enjoy reliable customer support delivered by a friendly local team. Along with great products and affordable prices, we provide a range of value-added features, including an industry-leading commercial use warranty. We are certified by the Australian Furnishing Research and Development Institute (AFRDI) for your complete protection.

If you're looking for screen accessories or portable partitions in Australia, please make an order or contact our friendly customer support team to find out more.

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