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Ergonomic Office Chairs For Back Pain

Mar 07, 2022 0 comments

Endless hours seated at a desk is something that can cause any number of issues with the body from muscular strain to back pain. Ensuring that you and your employees are comfortably seated is vitally important in both health and safety, which ultimately leads to a more productive workplace. Choosing the right office furniture is critical to follow occupational health and safety guidelines to reduce injuries in the workplace and ensures that you have a team that feels well taken care of.

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the study of how your employee’s health and body responds to equipment and stresses in the workplace. The physical ergonomics of how a chair can affect your body is important to understand, especially if it is a priority of yours to operate a safe working environment within your office space.

For this reason, the office furnishing industry has come up with an increasing level of ergonomic office furniture options that businesses can utilise to ensure that their employees are catered to in a way that will not result in passive injury. The focus of this type of furniture is to encourage correct seated positions to ensure that their backs and muscles are well-supported, especially if the employee role involves remaining seated for several hours at a time.

The right seat back angle for ergonomics

When you are considering the ergonomic functions of your office furniture, it is important to note that the angle of an office chair can greatly affect the comfort and the potential risk for the person using it. The correct seat back angle for ergonomics to work correctly with an office chair will have the person sitting with a straight back with their shoulders being parallel with the desk being used.

The height of the chair from the floor also plays an important role in ensuring that the correct ergonomics are achieved. An ergonomic office chair will be adjustable in height to ensure that the person using it can have their feet placed squarely on the floor to support the best possible seated posture. Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility, it is important to educate your employees on the correct seating position they should follow, to ensure their safety in an office environment and to avoid any potential injuries.

Using ergonomic office chairs for bad backs

Unfortunately, back pain is one of the most common complaints from long-term office workers. The human body was not designed to remain in a seated position for hours on end and as a result, our bodies can suffer a range of passive injuries from remaining in this position for long periods. One of the best ways to support your employees in remaining safe and injury-free, is to include ergonomic office chairs for bad backs within your office furniture inventory.

For the best back support, ergonomic office chairs should be the easiest choice you can make when it comes to your office furniture. These are chairs designed to support the body in maintaining the correct seated posture and incorporate features such as armrests, neck support and contoured seatbacks. When it comes to ergonomics for back pain, choosing the right office chair can make all the difference to the comfort of the person and their productivity throughout a regular workday.

The impact of ergonomic office furniture in your workplace

In many circumstances, office managers have reported a rise in employee satisfaction and productivity after installing ergonomic office furniture in their businesses. By choosing to utilise ergonomic office chairs for bad backs as part of the furnishing fit-out of an office, a business can show that they care for their employees, making them feel more valued and better taken care of. For the small investment that an ergonomic office chair involves, the outcome can be extremely beneficial for everyone involved.

Ergonomic office furniture shows support for your employees and care for their safety, not to mention the increased comfort levels for everyone involved. This kind of furniture is an important aspect of workplace health and safety standards around Australia and it can minimise the risk of injury to employees as well as claims for workers compensation for businesses as well.

Provide the ultimate back support with ergonomic office furniture

If you are looking to make the safest choice when it comes to your office furniture, it is wise to consider the use of ergonomic office furniture. Not only does the range available look stylish, but it also provides vital back and posture support for your employees so they can remain comfortably seated throughout the whole day. Browse our collection of ergonomic office furniture options available in our online store today and see how you can make a change in your business for the better.

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