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Everything To Know About Ergonomic Chairs

Everything To Know About Ergonomic Chairs

If you spend time sitting at a desk, you probably need an ergonomic chair. But what is an ergonomic chair? It’s a chair that’s designed to adapt to your needs. Typically, you can adjust different parts of the chair. Not only does a good ergonomic chair support your body better than a regular chair, but it can also help boost your productivity levels.

There are many different types of ergonomic chairs, including:

  • Top-of-the-range chairs, with and without adjustable headrests, often preferred by people in senior positions.
  • Heavy-duty task chairs for hard workers, with and without adjustable armrests.
  • Multi-purpose chairs suited for a wide range of tasks.
  • Chairs with upholstery in different colours and materials to suit different office environments and personal tastes.
  • Chairs with an extensive range of adjustability options for users who want a fully customisable chair.
  • High back operator chairs. These are sometimes called “entry-level” chairs — designed with comfort in mind for people who work long hours.

How to buy an ergonomic chair

The best way to buy an ergonomic chair is online, because you can select from a wide range of options. It’s best to choose a reputable Australian-owned and operated business with warehouses in your state. Look for an office furniture retailer with local representatives, too. That way, you’ll be able to talk with a furniture expert and get precious advice before making a decision. Elite Office Furniture ticks all of the boxes.

Our team members can also take you through key points like how to assemble an ergonomic chair and how to adjust an ergonomic chair once it’s set up. In fact, you’ll see below that we’ve put together answers to some of the most common questions around ergonomic chairs, so you can discover everything you need to know. 

Where to buy ergonomic office chairs

The best place to buy ergonomic office chairs is from an established office furniture supply company. You’ll get better quality and a longer warranty — up to 10 years in some cases. You’ll also get a better deal. Elite Office Furniture, for example, promises to price match. 

So if you’re ready to experience new levels of comfort at work, Elite Office Furniture specialises in providing competitively priced, high-quality ergonomic chairs and other office furniture Australia-wide. Buy online now or contact us today to find out more.


Are ergonomic chairs good for you?

Sitting for long periods of time is not good for you. If you often sit with bad posture, that’s even worse! You could be at risk of developing poor spine health and other musculoskeletal problems. Using an ergonomically designed chair is the best solution to combat these issues. A good ergonomic chair is designed with high-quality materials, with thick cushioning and contoured to enhance the sitting experience.

An ergonomic chair promotes a good sitting posture and enables your shoulders, hips and spine to align correctly. It reduces abnormal strain on your body and prevents slouching and unhealthy head positions. Many ergonomic chairs are designed with extra lumbar support — and what’s more, you can adjust various components of the chair to accommodate your specific body size and type.

But no matter how comfortable your ergonomic chair is, you should still try to get up every 30 minutes or so and move around.

Do I need an ergonomic chair?

People often wonder, “Are ergonomic chairs really worth it?” But if you need to sit down for more than an hour a day to work, then you need an ergonomic chair. Whatever your office environment, a good ergonomic chair can improve your work output, reduce physical stress and lower your risk of health problems. 

What makes a good ergonomic chair?

Wondering what to look for in an ergonomic chair? Some ergonomic chairs are better than others, and there are particular features you should look for, such as:

  • Adjustable seat height

  • A good ergonomic chair has a seat height that’s easy to adjust. For a person of average height, the seat height should range from about 440 to 530 mm off the ground. This will allow you to keep your feet flat on the floor, with your upper legs horizontal. Your elbows should be at desk height. If you’re above or below average height, assess the seat height range very carefully. There are a number of ergonomic chairs on the market that can be customised for shorter or taller people.

  • Good seat width and depth

  • A good ergonomic chair has a seat with sufficient width and depth to support you comfortably. The seat must be deep enough so that when you’re seated with your spine pressed against the backrest, there’s space between the back of your knees and the front edge of the seat.

  • Lumbar support

  • It’s essential to choose an ergonomic chair that’s got your back — literally. Failure to provide adequate lumbar support can make you slouch, putting strain on the lower spine. All premium ergonomic chairs have a lumbar height and depth adjustment. This allows you to get a perfect fit, which, in turn, provides excellent support to the lumbar region.

  • Backrest

  • The width of the backrest of an ergonomic chair should be at least 41 cm. As mentioned above, proper support of the natural curvature of the back is very important for the health of your spine, and the backrest should provide comfortable lumbar support. Some ergonomic chairs have an all-in-one seat and backrest. In these cases, the chair should allow you to adjust the backrest both forward and backward.

  • Adjustable armrests

  • Armrests on ergonomic chairs can be a controversial issue. But if you use a computer a lot, there’s a strong chance you’ll benefit from adjustable armrests. For mouse work, adjustable armrests can provide excellent forearm support. If you tap away at a keyboard for long periods, adjustable armrests can cut down on shoulder and neck fatigue.

  • Quality seat material

  • High-quality seat material is essential in an ergonomic chair. There should be enough padding to keep you cozy if you have to sit for prolonged periods. If you want to be extremely comfortable, choose a chair with extra padding on the seat. The fabric should be breathable — a mesh backrest allows for good airflow in all types of weather.

  • Swivel action

  • Smooth swivel action is another feature to look for in a good ergonomic chair. The chair should rotate easily so you can reach different parts of your desk without difficulty or strain.

  • Warranty

  • Always choose an ergonomic chair with a warranty of at least three years. A five or 10-year warranty is even better because it means rigorous quality tests have been carried out on the chair — so you can be confident your chair will last longer. An ergonomic chair with a warranty of only one or two years means it might not stand the test of time. 

    What is the best ergonomic office chair?

    The best ergonomic office chair depends on the type of work you do, how you do it and your body type. Many people wonder, “Are gaming chairs ergonomic?” or if they already have an office chair, how to make a chair more ergonomic. But the truth is that you’re best off getting a dedicated ergonomic chair that’s fit for purpose. 

    With so many ergonomic chairs to select from, finding the perfect chair for your office space can be tricky. If you contact ergonomic chair experts like Elite Office Furniture, they can advise you on how to choose the ideal ergonomic office chair. In the meantime, the Elite team has compiled the following list of five crowd-pleasers:

    • X-Ergo Range — This attractively designed chair is highly customisable. Yes, it’s on the expensive side, but that’s because it’s a deluxe option.
    • Ergo Task Chair — Is this the ultimate ergonomic office chair? The seat and mesh are REALLY comfortable. It’s so well-made it comes with a 10-year warranty.
    • Buro Metro (2021 Version) — This is an upgraded version of a classic. It’s endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association and has adjustment options galore!
    • Rhino Range — Known as a “mega big boy seat,” this type can easily be adjusted to suit your body, and it’s certified by the AFRDI (Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute).
    • Oyster Range — This chair has a crazy number of adjustable features and provides exceptional levels of comfort.

    What do I need to know about how to set up an ergonomic chair?

    Properly setting up your ergonomic chair is paramount. If your chair is not set up correctly, you can’t expect to get the full range of ergonomic benefits — improved posture and reduced neck, back and bodily pain.

    For correct setup, you need to:

    • Adjust the seat height so that your feet are flat on the floor. Legs should be bent at a 90-degree angle.
    • Adjust the seat depth so there is at least 2.5 cm between the edge of the seat and the back of your knees.
    • Adjust the backrest height so that the lumbar area fits into your lower back.
    • Adjust the armrests to elbow height. If you can adjust the width of your armrests or if they can pivot, position them so they’re a comfortable fit.
    • Adjust the headrest to the base of the back of your head. Your head should feel comfortable and not be pushed into an unnatural position.
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