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Office Reception Area Design Guide & Ideas

When it comes to creating the ideal office reception area, the bare minimum simply won’t do. A reception area design should provide a warm and inviting atmosphere with comfortable seating, beautiful decor and modern technology. The goal is to create an environment that puts visitors at ease and encourages them to feel welcome.

To help you achieve the most welcoming office reception design possible, Elite Office Furniture brings you this short but comprehensive collection of reception waiting area design guides and ideas. Learn more about creating the perfect office reception below!

Design guide

  • Layout

  • Consider the amount of space you have and how many visitors you typically have in your reception area. If it's a small room, go for a minimalist design with light furniture and a few embellishments. You can create an inviting atmosphere by incorporating cosy chairs, sofas, plants, and artwork. It is also important that your office reception has enough space to move around without much obstruction.

  • Colours and branding 

  • Try to incorporate your company's branding with the colour scheme used in the reception area. This can be done by matching corporate colours or using artwork and signage featuring the company logo or slogan. Additionally, opt for a neutral colour palette when choosing furniture and decor, such as the main reception desk’s design, to ensure it doesn’t clash with your branding.

  • Lights

  • Proper lighting is another key element of office reception design. Natural light is best for a bright, airy atmosphere that makes visitors feel welcome and relaxed. If natural light isn't an option, choose warm artificial lighting to create the same effect.

  • Design theme

  • Choosing a specific theme for your office reception area will help to create a consistent and cohesive look. Consider opting for an industrial, rustic, modern or classic design style, depending on the look you are going for. More often than not, the design theme you settle on will be your most important office reception idea since it will inform all your other design decisions.

    By keeping these concepts in mind, you can formulate a plan of action for your reception waiting area design. Other design elements need just as much consideration too. We’ll tackle these in the section below!


    The reception area furniture has two jobs — to complement and accentuate the office reception’s overall design while still being functional and comfortable. From desks and seating to shelves and decor, let's discuss how you can use office reception furniture to amaze visiting clients!

  • Choosing the right reception desk

  • Office reception desks can range from modern and sleek to traditional and luxurious. Consider the overall design of your reception area when selecting a desk, as it should be in harmony with the rest of the furniture.

    And if you’re looking for high-quality reception desk designs that you can proudly use to meet clients or visitors, check out Elite Office Furniture’s range of reception counters today!

  • Decide on your style of seating

  • Of all the types of reception area furniture, seating has to be one of the most important. Reception area seating should be comfortable yet stylish. Think about how many people you want to seat and what style of furniture will work best in your space before making a purchase.

    Elite Office Furniture boasts a wide range of seating options, from sofa lounges and visitor chairs to standard reception seating that doesn’t compromise style and comfort. Shop our range online or see the seats in person at our local warehouses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.

  • Decorate with bookcases and office planters

  • To tie everything together, add small touches like plants, décor items, bookshelves or wall art. These accent pieces are pleasing to the eye of visitors and employees alike — making the office a comfortable place to go to. They are also simple touches that can go a long way in elevating your office’s overall design.

    From bookcases to office planters and everything in between, Elite Office Furniture is your go-to shop for all our office furniture design needs.

    Office reception area design ideas

    To go the extra step in providing the best reception area design possible, here are some more quick and easy office reception ideas for you to consider

    • Use wall art to enhance the décor

    A few pieces of well-placed art can liven up an office reception area. Look for vibrant colours, interesting shapes and textures or framed prints that showcase your company’s mission or values.

    • Add plants and greenery

    Plants are a great way to bring outdoor life into the office. Choose plants that thrive in your environment and tolerate low light or air conditioning.

    • Make it comfortable

    The goal of an excellent reception waiting area design is to make customers or clients feel welcome and relaxed. Provide comfortable seating, such as plush chairs, couches and ottomans. A bowl of complimentary lollies or snacks can go a long way to making visitors feel taken care of while they wait.

    • Keep it organised

    To present a professional appearance, keep the reception area neat and organised. This can include using magazine racks to store office supplies or adding wall organisers for mail and folders.

    • Choose modern furniture

    The furniture you choose should be stylish yet functional to create an inviting atmosphere. Keep in mind that the reception area should be comfortable yet professional.

    • Utilise bright lighting

    Proper lighting can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the office reception area. Consider adding floor or wall lamps and recessed lights to bring life into the space.

    • Make it personal

    A personal touch can really make all the difference. Add some personality to your office reception area with photos, frames, quotes or artwork that reflects your company’s culture and values.

    These are just a few simple ideas for creating an inviting and functional office reception area. With a few minor tweaks and good-quality furnishings from Elite Office Furniture, you can achieve your reception area design goals with ease.

    The Elite Office Furniture difference

    In addition to office reception desks, seating and decor, Elite Office Furniture always has a wide variety of products in store. We are recognised as experts in office furniture throughout Australia and are proud to have excellent connections to other business sectors, like the hospitality industry.

    As an Australian-owned and run business, we have a significant online presence and regional warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. To maintain business continuity for your organisation, we also provide free 3D modelling, quick countrywide delivery and same-day order processing.

    Please browse our website or contact our staff if you're looking for some of the best reception area furniture in Australia.
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