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We have been informed that multiple SMS messages have been sent to our clients due to an IT issue with our marketing platform. We sincerely apologize for this and are working diligently with our service providers to resolve the issue.

The Benefits & Ergonomics Of Standing Desks

In the range of desks offered by Elite Office Furniture, you can find many stand up desks with ergonomic benefits. These desks are perfect for ensuring you’re not stuck sitting for hours on end and will help maintain proper blood flow.

If you’re looking to work many hours of productivity without compromising your physical health, a standing desk or ergonomic chair might be just what you need. Let’s discuss the benefits of standing desks and how you can best incorporate them into your new ergonomic stand-up desk computer workstation.

What is a standing desk?

A standing desk is a desk that allows you to stand while working. They are usually adjustable, allowing you to move between sitting and standing positions easily. This provides the user with multiple ways to break up their day without leaving the office or taking a break from work entirely.

Many components go into stand-up desk ergonomics, making them an ideal choice for your workstations. But before discussing the many standing desk benefits, let’s look into the different types of ergonomic standing desks.

Types of standing desks

  • Hand crank

    A hand crank desk is manually operated with an adjustable height lever. This type of desk is perfect for those who prefer to adjust their work area by themselves.

  • Electric

    Electric standing desks are powered by motors and come with a controller to adjust the height quickly and easily. These types of desks combine sitting and standing seamlessly in one workstation. They can often be paired with an adjustable desktop platform that can go from sitting to standing.

  • Electric preset

    This type of standing desk has height settings that can be set automatically based on the user’s preference or exact body measurements. Though similar to electric standing desks in that they are adjustable with the push of a few buttons, they are ideal for people who want a more permanent stand-up workstation.

    Now that you know the different types of ergonomic standing desks available, let’s outline some of their many benefits.

    Benefits of standing vs sitting desks

  • Blood flow

    When you stand, your leg muscles contract and relax as part of your natural balance. This helps to increase blood flow throughout the body, allowing more oxygen-rich blood to reach your brain and other organs.

  • Posture

    Standing desks encourage proper posture by promoting an upright stance, which can reduce back pain or discomfort caused by slouching. If sitting for extended periods causes back pain, then maybe investing in an ergonomic standing desk is the solution to maintaining pain-free productivity.

  • Burns calories

    Standing also helps to burn more calories than sitting, which can help with weight loss and weight-related issues.

  • Adjustable height

    Standing desks can be adjusted to the perfect height for your comfort so you don’t have to strain yourself while standing. The adjustable ergonomic height of standing desks helps prevent muscle and joint pain and fatigue, as well as reduce the risk of injury from poor posture.

  • Focus and productivity

    Standing also helps to increase focus and productivity, as it keeps your energy levels up and makes it easier for you to stay focused on tasks. Additionally, changing positions throughout the day can help to keep you motivated and engaged in your work.

    Ergonomics of setting up a standing desk

    When setting up a standing desk, it's important to consider the ergonomics of your setup. Some key points include:

  • Desk height

    Ensure the standing desk height is suitable for you. The optimal standing height should allow your elbows to be bent at 90 degrees while resting on the surface. Your wrists should remain in a neutral position.

  • Monitor height

    Use a monitor that is at eye level. The top of the screen should be slightly lower than your eyes to avoid straining your neck and shoulders. If you need to wear glasses to see properly, ensure they are in the right grade and are designed to be comfortably worn for hours.

  • Mouse placement

    Place the mouse close to the keyboard so you’re not constantly reaching for it. This ensures that you maintain a comfortable posture while working.

  • Keyboard placement

    Make sure the keyboard is tilted at a slight angle and your arms are supported to reduce strain on your wrists.

  • Proper posture

    With an ergonomic stand-up desk, a computer workstation becomes an elevated surface on which you can work while standing. To facilitate hours of standing, your posture should be comfortable and your feet should be shoulder-width apart with one foot slightly in front of the other.

    By following these ergonomic tips, you can ensure that your standing desk setup is comfortable and healthy for your body. With regular breaks away from the screen and correct posture, you can reach untold productivity levels without compromising your health and well-being.

    How long should you use a standing desk?

    When first using a standing desk, it is important not to overexert yourself. Start with 30 minutes of standing time and then build up as your body adjusts. Over time, it’s recommended you should aim for one hour of standing for every two hours of sitting while using the desk.

    This can be broken up into many intervals throughout the day and should be followed up with a seated break for 15 to 20 minutes. Breaks are important in any work setup since it allows you to recharge those mental batteries and tackle work with renewed vigour.

    Be sure to pay attention to your body’s signals — if you feel too tired or uncomfortable, take a seat. With correct usage, you should be able to enjoy the health benefits of your standing desk.

    And if you’re looking to introduce some stand-up desk ergonomics into your workstation, there’s no better place to turn to than Elite Office Furniture. We offer a wide range of ergonomic height-adjustable standing desks that are as stylish as they are practical. Shop our selection of office furniture today or visit our local warehouses in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth to see the quality of our offerings for yourself.

    Experience the Elite Office Furniture difference

    At Elite Office Furniture, we keep a huge range of items in stock at all times, including office workstations, tables, desks and ergonomic furniture designs. While we are known across Australia as office furniture specialists, we also have great relationships with the hospitality industry and other commercial sectors.

    We are a 100% Australian-owned and operated company with a huge online presence and local warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We also offer free 3D modelling, fast nationwide shipping and same-day order processing to ensure business continuity for your hospitality operation.

    If you're looking for ergonomic standing desks in Australia, please browse our website or contact our team today.

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