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Unframed Wrapped Pinboard - Autex Vertiface Fabric

Unframed Wrapped Pinboard - Autex Vertiface Fabric

Original price $197 - Original price $591
Original price
$197 - $591
Current price $197
Size (mm): 900 x 600

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Product Description

This item is Made to order 10-15 Working Days, delivery ex Sydney Warehouse. Additional shipping rate will apply for shipping to WA.

We Process All Orders the Same Business Day!

We have local warehouses in NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA

Our highly popular unframed WRAPPED over the edge pin boards. No aluminium frame. Available in smooth velour. Secured to our environmentally friendly 12mm bioboard backing.

  • Available in large range of colours
  • Stainless Steel screw cap fixing kit included  
    (Kit includes fixings to suit Gyprock or Brick walls)
  • 9 standard sizes
  • Special sizes to order
  • Australian Made
  • Special sizes available on request

      Note: Please specify your Colour Selection in the 'Special Instructions' Section on the Cart Page.

      Full Colour and Finishes PDF

      Also attached is the colour Chart for the Vertiface smooth Velour. You will need to order all of the below to make up the example in the image. 


      Which Pinboard is right for me? 

      Our pinboard selections are designed to meet diverse aesthetic and functional needs, divided into Wrapped and Framed categories:

      1. Type of Frames:

      Wrapped Pinboards: Perfect for environments seeking an artwork-like appearance, these pinboards have fabric extending over all edges, making them safe and suitable for educational settings. Highly important in the younger learning environments to have no frame so kids cannot get themselves caught on metal frames or anything else caught on the metal frame.

      Standard Framed Pinboards: More appropriate for corporate settings, these pinboards can be enhanced aesthetically with various frame colors. This style is essential when aligning boards with whiteboards to match frame depths. Available materials include Krommenie, Suzette, Vertiface, and Echopane.

      EDGE LX7 frame Pinboards: Specifically created for the architectural and commercial designer market. The Visionchart EDGE LX7 frame provides a stylish 2mm ultra slim frame for communication pinboards that enhances any modern office or workspace.

      2. Type of Fabrics:

      Krommenie: Natural, self-healing, GECA certified, durable, and 'washable'.

      Suzette: Commercial grade, largest colour choice, 'Flammability rated'. Suzette is really all about the colour choice

      Autex Vertiface: Popular in education for its pin and Velcro compatibility (The only option that is) and vibrant colours.

      Echopanel: The only option with a true acoustic rating, available in LX framed style.

      For detailed specifications and a complete range of finishes, please refer to the links above to take you to the correct product. 

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          SKU  Size (mm)
          UFF9060 900 x 600
          UFF9090 900 x 900
          UFF1290 1200 x 900
          UFF1212 1200 x 1200
          UFF1590 1500 x 900
          UFF1512 1500 x 1200
          UFF1890 1800 x 900
          UFF1812 1800 x 1200
          UFF2412 2400 x 1200


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