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EOFY Sale is On Now! Discount Coupon: EOFY!

BOOST Plus + Electric Height Adjustable Single Sided Workstation

BOOST Plus + Electric Height Adjustable Single Sided Workstation

Save up to 24% Save 20%
Original price $799
Original price $799 - Original price $1,399
Original price $799
Current price $637
$637 - $1,107
Current price $637
Size (mm): 1200W x 750D
Color: Oak Top/White Frame
Cable Tray/Screen: Without Cable Tray/Without Screen

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Product Description

Collection: Boost

5 Things you MUST consider before buying a Standing Desk Online.

Number 1: Stability

Stability is the most important aspect of a Sit to Stand Desk. An unstable standing desk that wobbles front to back and left to right can really take you away from those important. The most important factors to consider are:

  • Net Weight of the Desk: A stable Standing Desk should weigh at least 57kg for a 1200mm model. You can spot out a cheap online standing desk when the specified weight is 50kg or lower.
  • Leg Column Size: The legs are what hold the desk together. Consider minimum size of 80mm x 50mm to ensure the table has a good foundation. You may spot out a few low quality frames online when the suppliers do not reveal the size of the leg column.  

Number 2: Electronics

A quality standing desk requires a lasting electronic mechanism to fully customize the height to that of the user. Without one, your desk may be stuck at an awkward height that will make it usable. Some easy features to look out for to ensure the electronic mechanism is sound on the standing desk are:

  • Tests and Qualifications : 100% Aging Test Qualified, Auto Faults Detection
  • Surge Immunity & ESD Protection
  • Warranty on the ElectronicsChoose a model that covers minimum 5 year warranty, specifically on the electronic component (Most suppliers online only cover the table and frame).

Number 3: Weight Capacity

Finding a desk that can handle the load of the items on it effortlessly is important. Many don't know that the weight capacity is also an indication of the life span of the Electric Motor. The average weight capacity of a low to mid range standing desk is about 70kg. Choose a model that has a minimum weight capacity of 100kg to ensure that it will last.

Number 4: Adjustment Height Range

Most average models will have a height adjustment range from 720m to 1200mm. Whilst this is usually not a problem for most users, it does create issues if you're above or below average height. If you are shorter than average or considering using the desk for kids, focus on the lower range. Similarly, if you are taller than average, focus on the higher range. A good Height Adjustable Range would be 645mm to 1255mm.

Number 5: Warranty

Most Mid-Range models offer a 1-2 Year Warranty on the electronic components of the desk. Consider models that offer a 5-10 Year Warranty. Always ask the supplier if the warranty covers the electronic components.

Why Should You Buy the Boost Plus Standing Desk?

It has everything you need:

  • Warranty: 10 Year (It also covers the Electronics!)
  • Weight Capacity: 120kg
  • Height Adjustable Range: 645mm to 1295mm 
  • Surge Immunity: 1kV(L1 to L2) / 2kV(L1,L2 To PE)
  • ESD Protection: +-4.0kV ( Contact Discharge )/+-8.0kV ( Air Discharge )

Boost Plus has a full range of configurations, from a Single, Corner Workstation or desk and return to Back to Back workstations with screen division.

The range meets Australian standards for height range, has an LED digital controller, anti collision and anti tilt as standard and a 120kg plus weight rating.

With low noise emission and easy assembly Boost Plus meets all Height Adjustable workstation requirements.

The optional integrated cable tray and snake add ons make managing wiring simple.

Product Features

  • Dual motor – 3 stage motorised legs
  • 120kg weight loading capacity
  • Smooth & quiet adjustment at 38mm per second
  • 3 pre-set programmable heights
  • Anti-collision and anti-tilt safety features
  • Optional Portable Battery Packs allows desk mobility free from GPOs
  • Height range of 620mm – 1270mm H
  • 750mm depth top with scalloped cable access
  • Available in 1200mm, 1500mm or 1800mm wide
  • Additional Add ons available – Cable Snake, Cable Tray Bridge, Battery Pack or Bluetooth control box. See mini catalogue for more info
  • 10 years warranty

Product Information



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SKU Description Overall Width Overall Height Overall Depth
B+1P1275 Boost+ Workstation ONLY 1200mm 620mm - 1270mm 750mm
B+1PCT1275 With Cable Tray 1200mm 620mm - 1270mm 750mm
B+1PWS1275 With Screen 1200mm 1330mm 750mm
B+1PWSCT1275 With Screen & Cable Tray 1200mm 1330mm 750mm
B+1P1575 Boost+ Workstation ONLY 1500mm 620mm - 1270mm 750mm
B+1PCT1575 With Cable Tray 1500mm 620mm - 1270mm 750mm
B+1PWS1575 With Screen 1500mm 1330mm 750mm
B+1PWSCT1575 With Screen & Cable Tray 1500mm 1330mm 750mm
B+1P1875 Boost+ Workstation ONLY 1800mm 620mm - 1270mm 750mm
B+1PCT1875 With Cable Tray 1800mm 620mm - 1270mm 750mm
B+1PWS1875 With Screen 1800mm 1330mm 750mm
B+1PWSCT1875 With Screen & Cable Tray 1800mm 1330mm 750mm