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Must-Haves For An Ergonomic Desk Setup

Must-Haves For An Ergonomic Desk Setup

Ergonomic essentials for the office should always include an ergonomic desk setup. Many adjustable desks and standing desks are available to choose from to provide you with the desk you need. These tips will offer an insight into what is available and how you can implement ergonomic essentials into your existing or new workspace.

Desk styles

When browsing for a desk with a specialist company such as Elite Office Furniture, you will discover many options available. You may select a motorised desk that can be adjusted to suit the task at hand, or perhaps it is a shared space that needs regular readjustment to accommodate people of different heights. A stand-up desk can also be a great choice when complemented by a tall chair, allowing you to interchange from standing to sitting while maintaining essential ergonomics. A corner-style desk leaves you free to swivel between workspaces without the need to reach or twist. The options are all there, and the intended use for a desk will ultimately determine which desk is best for you.

Stand up desk flexibility

A stand-up desk can help to increase productivity and cognitive function due to your body being relieved of the pain that can be caused by sitting all day. Blood flow is increased as you engage your legs. Now, with that said, not everyone wants to stand all day. However, the beauty of a stand-up desk is that you can add an ergonomic highchair or drafting chair for those times you prefer to sit and rest your feet. This is how to get the most out of a standing desk

Motorised convenience

Choosing a top-of-the-range motorised desk will provide you with the convenience of tailoring your workspace at the flick of a switch. The desk height can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit the person and the task at any given time, providing an ergonomic desk setup for multiple users or activities. 

Corner style switching

You may need to use a computer some of the time and a writing or meeting space at other times. Or perhaps you spend a lot of time performing tasks that do not involve your computer. By setting up one side as an ergonomic computer area and the other side for your other tasks, you can easily swivel on your ergonomic chair between areas without impacting the ergonomic essentials of minimising reach, twisting, and awkward positions.

So, you’ve selected your desk. Now what?

Ergonomic essentials for the office include how your desk is laid out. You have already selected an appropriate ergonomic chair and adjusted it accordingly to suit you, your desk is set at the correct height, but what about the actual surface area? When considering essential ergonomics for your workstation, you also need to understand how the placement of frequently used items can impact your body. For example, your screen height needs to see the top of the screen at just below your eye level. If this cannot be achieved, you may consider using a laptop stand or a monitor arm to bring your screen to the right level. Your keyboard needs to be at a height that allows your arms to be relaxed while your wrists remain straight. Placing regularly used items such as your phone within easy reach will also improve the ergonomics of your workspace.

The ultimate desk setup

Your chair should be set to a height that allows your feet to be placed flat on the floor while your knees are in line with your hips. Sometimes this is not possible due to the desk height. If your desk cannot be adjusted, use a footstool to allow your chair to be higher while keeping your feet and legs at the correct angle. When seated, your desk height should allow you to comfortably rest your elbows and forearms at a 90-degree angle. An ergonomic desk setup like this will allow your body to be in the most comfortable position possible, alleviating sore backs and tired muscles. 

If you have a stand-up desk, the height should be at a level that allows you to rest your elbows and forearms at a 90-degree angle while standing with relaxed shoulders, if you add a chair, it needs to be high enough for you to maintain the 90-degree angle while seated at your stand up desk. 

Many accessories are available to help provide the ultimate ergonomic essentials for the office, such as wrist pads, desk edge buffers, adjustable screen arms, and more. Get started today on improving your overall health with ergonomics from Elite Office Furniture!

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Arbica Mriea - March 22, 2024

This article provides invaluable insights into creating an ergonomic desk setup, crucial for maintaining comfort and productivity during long hours of work. From adjustable chairs to monitor arms, it covers essential must-haves for promoting proper posture and reducing strain. A must-read for anyone looking to optimize their workspace for maximum efficiency and well-being. Visit Here

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